The state’s scores for public schools were released Nov. 2, and local schools received mixed results.

The College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) is done by the Georgia Department of Education, and scores schools based on school achievement and progress.

Chesnut Elementary in Dunwoody had the greatest increase of all schools in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven and Buckhead. The school improved 18.7 points over its score in 2016. Lake Forest Elementary in Sandy Springs also had a substantive increase of 12.3 over 2016. High Point Elementary in Sandy Springs and Garden Hills Elementary in Buckhead saw two of the greatest decreases, with a decrease of 8.6 and 6.8, respectively.

The scores are out of 100 and are intended to provide a guide on what areas schools need to improve and inform the community. For more information and to see a breakdown of scores, visit the Georgia Department of Education’s website.

Schools can also earn bonus points, called “Challenge Points,” for “exceeding the bar” in preparing students for college and careers, so some schools may have scores greater than 100. The bonus points can also be earned if economically disadvantaged students, students learning English as a second language and disabled students meet performance targets.

Sandy Springs schools

  • Dunwoody Springs Charter Elementary School: 85.1, an increase of 2 points from 2016
  • Heards Ferry Elementary School: 92.1, a decrease of 1.5 points
  • High Point Elementary School: 67.9, a decrease of 8.6 points
  • Ison Springs Elementary School: 72.5, a decrease of 4.1 points
  • Lake Forest Elementary School: 67.4, an increase of 12.3 points
  • Spalding Drive Charter Elementary School: 85.2, a decrease of 2.2 points
  • Woodland Charter Elementary School: 89.2, an increase of 5.9 points
  • Sandy Springs Middle School: 70.5, an increase of 3 points
  • Ridgeview Charter Middle School: 70.7, a decrease of 1 point
  • North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences: 83, a decrease of .9 points
  • Riverwood High School: 76.7, a decrease of 5.6 points

Dunwoody schools

  • Austin Elementary School: 94.4, a decrease of 2.7 points
  • Chesnut Charter Elementary School: 79.7, an increase of 18.7 points
  • Kingsley Elementary School: 81.5, an increase of 5.9 points
  • Vanderlyn Elementary School: 98.5, an increase of 5.1 points
  • Dunwoody Elementary School: 89, a decrease of 2.6 points
  • Peachtree Charter Middle School: 77.8, a decrease of 1 point
  • Dunwoody High School: 89.4, a decrease of 4 points

Brookhaven schools

  • Ashford Park Elementary: 97.5, an increase of 10 points
  • Montclair Elementary: 52.7, a decrease of .7 points
  • Montgomery Elementary: 85.2, a decrease of 2.1 points
  • Woodward Elementary: 59.2, a decrease of 1.1 points
  • Chamblee Middle School: 82.6, a decrease of 2.5 points
  • Sequoyah Middle School: 64.4, a decrease of .4 points
  • Cross Keys High School: 78.3, a decrease of 3.6 points
  • Chamblee Charter High School: 83.3, a decrease of 4.2 points

Buckhead schools

  • Bolton Academy: 61.9, a decrease of 2.9 points
  • Morris Brandon Elementary: 98.8, an increase of 1.8 points
  • Garden Hills Elementary: 75.2, a decrease of 6.8 points
  • Jackson Elementary: 100.7, an increase of 5.3 points
  • E. Rivers Elementary: 79.4, an increase of 2 points
  • Sarah Smith Elementary: 80.8, a decrease of 3 points
  • Sutton Middle School: 76.6, an increase of 2.4 points
  • North Atlanta High School: 81.7, an increase of 2.8 points