In the Sandy Springs City Council District 4 race, the candidates’ final pre-election campaign finance reports show different tactics for winning.

Le’Dor Milteer has out-raised and outspent Jody Reichel in the race. And Reichel’s campaign is completely self-funded, while Milteer has raised significant contributions from about a dozen people or organizations, most outside the city or state.

Le’Dor Milteer.

As of the Oct. 25 report, Milteer had raised $6,524.66 and spent $5,230.71. Reichel had spent $3,476.11.

Reichel’s report did not say where the money her campaign spent had come from – a basic reason for the reports to be filed. She said in an interview that all of the spending was her personal money – which would be an in-kind contribution or a campaign loan — and that she would check again on the proper way to report that. She said she did not feel the need to raise money from other people when she could afford the expenses herself.

Jody Reichel.

Milteer raised money from some locals, including $750 from the Atlanta Realtors Association. Most contributors lived elsewhere, in such places as Brookhaven, Conyers, Florida and Mississippi.

Both candidates reported spending money on some standard campaign materials, such as signs and T-shirts. But Milteer was the only one to show expenses for campaign consultants and voter data.

The candidates are running in the Nov. 7 election to replace Gabriel Sterling, who is leaving the District 4 seat to make a run for Fulton County commission chair.