The office of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has responded to comments made by Mary Norwood that urged Buckhead residents to press the new administration on whether the neighborhood is getting its fair share of city-funded improvements.

Norwood, a former at-large city councilmember from Buckhead who lost the mayoral race to Bottoms, also questioned if south Atlanta residents are paying enough in property taxes in remarks she made at a community  meeting.

A spokesperson for new Mayor Bottoms said Norwood’s comments “seemed designed to stoke division when we should focus on unity,” and that Bottoms will work to improve all neighborhoods in Atlanta.

“Ms. Norwood’s comments are consistent with how she spoke and conducted herself on the campaign trail this past fall,” Anne Torres wrote in a statement. “Her comments display a remarkable lack of understanding of the issues facing our city, and seemed designed to stoke division when we should focus on unity. Following her inauguration, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is moving forward with her progressive agenda focused on equity, affordability and mobility for all of Atlanta’s residents and neighborhoods.”

2 replies on “Atlanta mayor’s office responds to Norwood’s comments”

  1. More gobbldy-gook from the new Mayor’s office. Mary Norwood is absolutely correct, and I don’t know her at all; never met the woman.

    Hey spokesperson, take a drive down Wieuca Road this weekend. The road that Reed said he would repair and resurface, but never did.

    And speaking of divisiveness, John Lewis is an expert. Skipped the inauguration, plans to boycott the upcoming State of Union speech and called the 2016 presidential election “illegitimate.” Now that’s divisiveness.

  2. As usual north Atlanta, like north Fulton, claims the predominantly African American areas don’t pay enough taxes. Divisive indeed. Thank goodness Norwood is not mayor, as we see who she would really work for and stoke hatred for.

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