Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department provided the following information. The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police between Jan. 16 and Jan. 24.

Capt. Steve Rose


300 block of Marsh Trail Circle — On Jan. 14, there were four individuals having a get-together at an apartment. All four left for the afternoon and upon their return discovered the front door had been forced open. Among the missing items are eight laptops and a couple of gold coins.

700 block of Riley Place — On Jan. 17, the resident said someone stole a 2014 Mercedes Benz ML350 from her garage sometime after 11 a.m. The car was later recovered on Dogwood Drive in Atlanta.

500 block of Woodmoore Court — On Jan. 17, the resident was away from the home from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Upon return, he found evidence of forced entry. Footprints were found in the snow indicating the suspect was in both the front and back yards. Nothing was reported taken.

100 block of Grosvenor Place — On Jan. 17, a witness said two males came into the house around 10:30 a.m. Both were dressed in black. One male wore a large-brimmed black hat. They knocked on the front door, and then entered through the garage. The resident reported jewelry taken from the home.

6100 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 21, the manager of Domino’s told officers that an employee quit his job and then around 2 a.m., returned to the business and used his key card to get into the store. Afterwards, he took over $900 from the safe after opening it. The store video shows the burglary. The manager called the employee, asking him to return the money. He said, “I’ll think about it.” Later, he claimed that he did nothing wrong and told the manager to “do what you have to do.”

Would it be unfair to say this guy is a moron? He had the opportunity to return the money. He will be arrested on a warrant as soon as we find him. Just plain stupid.

1800 block of Marsh Trail Circle — On Jan. 21, a resident reported she was out of town for about a week. On return, she noticed her front door slightly open and a light on in the bedroom. She found that someone took several items from the apartment, including shoes, clothing, jewelry, all totaling just under $3,000.

1000 block of Hammond Drive — On Jan. 22, the manager of the Extended Stay America hotel said someone gained access to the front desk area after 2 a.m. by shooting a window, then forcing it open to gain entry. He said about $500 cash was taken.

8000 block of High Tarn — Someone entered the victim’s garage sometime between Nov. 1 and Jan. 17. Missing is a chainsaw, weed eater and drill bit set.


8500 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 16, a Subway employee reported after 9 a.m., a man came into the store and pulled a gun on the employee. He then walked around the counter and took a small amount of cash from the register. The suspect was in his 30s, blonde and reddish hair, about 180 pounds. He wore a black motorcycle helmet with red flames painted on it.

1700 block of Spring Creek Lane — On Jan. 17 before 9 p.m., police responded to a robbery call. The victim said he was in the apartment parking lot trying to jump-start his car because of a dead battery. A gold van approached and the passenger asked directions. The victim leaned into the window to give directions to the men when the driver reached across and grabbed the victim’s cellphone from his hand, which the victim did not relinquish. As a result and according to the victim, the van dragged him several hundred feet. The van then struck a parked vehicle, which apparently dislodged the victim, and his phone, from the suspect’s grasp. The victim suffered a possible broken collarbone and had a welt above one eye. The van was an older model, unknown make. It left the parking lot in the direction of Morgan Falls Road, but was not seen thereafter.

7500 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 23, two suspects dressed in all black came into a Walgreens and pulled a gun, described as a 9mm, and took cash from behind the counter, while holding the weapon on the two employees. The suspects left with a cash drawer and a small amount of cash.


4900 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 14, the complainant said that while she was shopping at Kroger, someone took her wallet from her purse.

1300 block of Cimarron Parkway — On Jan. 15, -The resident said someone stole her white Chevy Tahoe from the apartment lot overnight.

200 block of Sandy Springs Place — On Jan. 15, a woman said her purse was snatched while grocery shopping.

7000 block of Auden Trail — On Jan. 16, the complainant was loading his car. He placed his backpack next to the car, returned to the home for ten minutes, then returned to find the backpack gone. It contained his driver’s license, bankcard, $50 cash, and meds. He said work trucks from the city were nearby.

800 block of Glenairy Drive — On Jan. 17, a Range Rover was reported stolen.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway — On Jan. 20, two females took $286 worth of clothing, and then left without paying.

6000 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 20, an employee’s wallet was stolen. She suspects one or both of her coworkers because they don’t like her.

200 block of Marchland Drive — On Jan. 21, the victim parked his car and within an hour, walked outside where he saw his car, an Audi S4, being driven off by a male with a ball cap. Another car, possibly accomplice, was leaving as well.

7800 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 22, 2 a man reported that another man stole his iPhone 7 Plus with 31g of memory.

6000 block of Lake Forrest Drive — On Jan. 24, a Tahoe was reported taken from office building lot. Owner lost key there on Jan 10, and left it while he went out of town. On return, the Tahoe was gone.

Thefts from Vehicles

Between Jan. 13 and Jan. 17, six thefts from vehicles were reported. Between Jan. 20 and Jan. 24, seven thefts from vehicles were reported.


1000 block of Johnson Ferry Road — On Jan. 15, responding to a fight call, officers spoke with two men at a parking deck. The first guy said he was backing out of a parking space when the second guy, behind him in another car, honked at him. The first guy said he finished backing out, then put the car in park, and then walked back to the second guy to confront him. (This is where men become stupid, or more stupid, depending on which woman you ask.) The first guy said they argued for a short time, and then the second guy threw him to the ground and hit him in the face a couple of times. The second guy said he was waiting for a parking space and honked his horn to “alert him of his waiting.” He said the first guy got out of his car, “got in my face and spit on me.” He then pinned him to the ground to “mitigate” his spitting. He denied hitting the first guy. Neither man wanted to prosecute but asked for documentation.

You, sirs, are an embarrassment to our gender. A parking space resulted in fisticuffs or the accusation thereof? That will not do. May I suggest interpretive dance next time. It is less painful in most cases.

7800 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 20, the reporting person said he had a minor accident on private property. He said a car backed into his and the driver, after exiting and looking at both cars, said he didn’t hit it. The complainant said he was going to call the cops. The other man said, “Don’t play with me on this; I’m going to beat you up.” The complainant said he feared for his safety and left. He told the officer the other man followed briefly, and then left the scene. He did record the tag number of the suspect’s car.


4600 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 20, a phone-store employee called and said a man was attempting to purchase a couple of phones with what appeared to be a fraudulent driver’s license. The officer arrived as the suspect walked out of the store. The officer told the man he wanted to speak with him, prompting the man to take off running with the officer running after him. The report went on to say, “Approximately 10-15 yards later, the suspected tripped over his own feet and landed head-first into well-kept landscaping.” The license was a fake and he was arrested and accused of forgery, identity theft and obstruction.

Did you notice the officer was very complimentary of the landscaping?

6300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Jan. 23, a 47-year-old man stole a North Face jacket by wearing it out of the store. Loss prevention security observed him and detained him. He was arrested.

100 block of Waterford Place — On Jan. 24, narcotics officers arrested a 41-year-old man on drug and possession of a weapon by a felon charges.

5600 block of Roswell Road — Jan. 13, DUI.

Abernathy and Roswell Road — Jan. 14, DUI.

5600 block of Roswell Road — Jan. 15, DUI.

I- 285 at Roswell Road — Jan. 15, suspended driver’s license.

GA- 400 at Spalding Drive — Jan. 15, no insurance.

GA-400 at Marta Ramp — Jan. 15, marijuana misdemeanor.

GA-400 at Marta Ramp — Jan. 15, DUI.

300 block of Sandalwood Drive — Jan. 15, loitering and prowling.

Abernathy and Roswell Road — Jan. 15, no insurance.

GA-400 at Abernathy Road — Jan. 15, marijuana misdemeanor.

6300 block of Roswell Road— Jan. 16, check forgery.

Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and Hammond Drive — Jan. 17, possession of stolen property.

Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and Hammond Drive — Jan. 18, possession of firearm by felon.

5800 block of Kingsport Drive — Jan. 18, cocaine/marijuana trafficking.

5700 block of Roswell Road — Jan. 20, giving a false name to police.

100 block of Northwood Drive — Jan. 20, DUI.

I-285 and Northside Drive — Jan. 20, DUI.

5800 block of Roswell Road — Jan. 21, DUI.

Other Incidents

6500 block of Roswell Road — On Jan. 14, cops were called for a report of a person shot at Steak and Shake just after 5 a.m. The 22-year-old victim was shot in the leg. He was later taken to Atlanta Medical Center for a non-life-threatening bullet wound, through and through. The detective arrived at the hospital and spoke to the victim. After a few questions and sketchy answers, the man said he had accidentally shot himself after sticking his hand in his pocket where he had a gun concealed.

4800 block of Northway Drive — On Jan. 22, the complainant hired a man to repair a refrigerator and gave him a check for $594 to cover the cost of a part. The man called the complainant, telling him another part was needed and would cost $1,000. The complainant said she was suspicious and requested the funds back. He will not respond to calls or text messages.

Saint Joseph’s Hospital — On Jan. 23, police were called to meet with security, who had a 25-year-old man from Conley, Ga., in custody after he became disorderly in the lobby. The man screamed, “I hate all white people” and “I’m going to come back and kill all of you.” Another witness heard “I hate f— white people and I’m going to blow their f—- brains out.” He was arrested.