The Police Department and City Council recognized at its Jan. 23 meeting the inaugural members of the Brookhaven Police Department C.O.P.S. Program, or Citizens on Patrol.

The new Brookhaven Citizens on Patrol vehicle. (Dyana Bagby)

Members include Shawn Perkins, Corinna Matthies, Robert E. Bean, Paul O’Connor, John Butkovich, Mike Hibbard and John Tansey.

The members are required to attend 10 weeks of training through the Citizen Police Academy and then another seven weeks of Citizens on Patrol classes. Their duties will include assisting Brookhaven police officers on such things as directing traffic and conducting health and welfare checks, according to Chief Gary Yandura.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

4 replies on “Brookhaven Police roll out inaugural Citizens on Patrol program”

  1. The citizens patrol doesn’t need to ask pet owners countless times if their pets rabies vaccination are up to date, since the the pet will naturally be wearing their rabies vaccination medal on their collar. If asked though, the owner can simply show show them the medal.

    1. A liscensing tag is also different than a rabies tag.

      You are required to liscense your pet when move, but you are NOT required to get a new rabies vaccination when you change states.

      It’s also incorrect that three year vaccinations regularly administered in other states are not valid and must be updated with 1 yr vacs here in Brookhaven.

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