The owner of Rush Lounge at 2715 Buford Highway is appealing the city’s recent decision to deny its alcohol renewal license after the club was reclassified as an “entertainment venue” in its revised alcohol ordinance. Entertainment venues are required to pay $100,000 in fees to serve distilled spirits and beer.

Attorney Alan Begner filed the appeal on behalf of Rush Lounge in DeKalb Superior Court on March 15. He said the business plans to stay open and serving alcohol during the appeals process and not pay a $100,000 fee. City spokesperson Burke Brennan said the city plans to ask the court to require Rush Lounge pay the $100,000 during the appeals process.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

3 replies on “Rush Lounge appeals denial of Brookhaven alcohol license renewal”

  1. The establishments are not my favorite businesses but selectively charging locations that are frequented by minorities while leaving out other locations that clearly fit the definition of “entertainment venue” is not ok.

    1. Some of us warned this was going to happen but no one listened. . .

      It’s also worth noting that it sets a precedent. . . .

      All of those okay with what is happening now- realize that with just one election you could be next in line.

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