Atlanta Police are investigating to see if four Midtown carjackings in three days, including one this morning, are connected. An armed robbery that took place this morning also might be connected to the crime spree, investigators said.

All four of the carjackings have occurred in the morning between 5 and 7 a.m. in the Midtown/south Buckhead area within a relatively tight radius.

Here are details on each of the carjackings:

On May 14 at approximately 5:30 a.m., Zone 5 Units responded to a carjacking at 196 Montgomery Ferry Road in Northeast Atlanta. The victim advised that as he was returning to his vehicle, a 2013 Toyota 4Runner, a black male dressed in all black exited from the bushes with a handgun. The suspect pointed the gun at the victim and demanded he drop his keys. As the victim dropped the keys another male dressed in all black appeared and both suspects left the location in the victim’s vehicle.

On May 14 at approximately 6 a.m., Zone 5 Units responded to another carjacking call at 1234 Francis Street in Northwest Atlanta. The victim advised that as he was parked in his driveway gathering belongings from the inside of his vehicle, a silver Infiniti G25 with two skateboards in the rear window, two black males approached him. The black male on the driver side pointed a black hand gun at the victim and demanded he give up his belongings. The victim then exited his vehicle and charged towards the suspect with the weapon. The suspect fired two shots towards the victim but missed. The suspect on the passenger side got into the car and reversed out of the driveway. The suspect with the gun jumped into the car and they fled the scene.

On May 15 at approximately 6:15 a.m., Zone 2 Units responded to 1544 Piedmont Ave. in reference to a carjacking. The victim advised that as he was locking his vehicle to go inside the gym he was approached by two black males. One of the males put a small black handgun in his face and demanded his keys. The victim gave the suspects his keys and they left the scene in the victim’s red Infiniti Q50. The suspects were described as two black males wearing dark clothing and black ski masks, about 5″06 in height and about 145-155 pounds. The victim stated that only one of the suspects was armed.

On May 16 at approximately 6:30 a.m., Zone 2 Units were dispatched to 2153 Melante Drive in Northeast Atlanta regarding a carjacking. The victim advised that while leaving the gym (800 block of Peachtree St. NE) around 6 a,m. he noticed a newer model silver Infiniti G35 traveling behind his vehicle near the 2000 block of Cheshire Bridge Road NE. The victim stated he became suspicious of the suspect vehicle when he noticed that the vehicle started following closer at the intersection of Cheshire Bridge and Woodland Avenue. The victim advised that the vehicle was not behind him after he turned onto the street where he resides and at that point he pulled into his drive way and proceeded to exit his vehicle. As the victim exited his vehicle, two black male suspects exited from the rear of the suspect vehicle, silver Infiniti G35, and walked toward him. The victim stated that the first black male suspect with gray ski mask pointed a silver hand gun towards his chest/face area, while a second black male suspect with gray ski mask with a red bandana on top also pointed a black hand gun from the rear of his vehicle. The victim was told to give up his vehicle keys and cell phone and to get on the ground. As the victim was on the ground he observed the suspects leave the scene in his vehicle, a 2015 black Audi A8. The second suspect followed in the silver Infiniti G35. The victim advised that there were two additional suspects in the back seat of the Infiniti.

The possibly connected pedestrian robbery also happened on May 16  at approximately 6:50 a.m. at 1616 Piedmont Ave. in Northeast Atlanta. The victim advised that as she sat in her vehicle, before leaving for work, a male approached her on the driver side of her vehicle and said “hey.” As the victim turned to look at the male, he pointed a black handgun at her head. The suspect is described as a medium to dark complexion black male with a small build who was dressed in dark clothing and had on a black mask covering his face with an open oval shaped pattern stitched for the eyes. The victim screamed, and the male then told her “don’t scream, shut up, shut up” before taking her work bag off of her left shoulder, which contained her Dell work laptop computer and student test files. He then demanded her cellphone. After receiving the cell phone, the suspect then told the victim to type in the passcode to unlock the phone. Once she typed it in, the suspect made her disable the lock feature and location services. He then asked if she had any money and the victim replied “no.” A silver vehicle pulled up behind the victim’s vehicle and the male got into the vehicle through the rear door and left the scene. A witness at the scene advised that the vehicle was a silver Infiniti with a dent on the front passenger side near the front bumper.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.