In a recent article in the Reporter Newspapers, Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul was quoted saying, “In Sandy Springs, rich kids go to private schools, poor kids go to public schools, and middle-class kids go to Cobb County.” (“North End task force is told to boost retail, avoid gentrification,” May 25.) We appreciate that he has since apologized for these remarks. As members of the School Governance Council of North Springs Charter High School, we want to set the record straight: Sandy Springs parents and students don’t need to look for greener grass when it is time to choose schools.

The public schools in Sandy Springs, which include students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, are schools of choice for many families seeking the multifaceted opportunities they receive in our district. At North Springs High School in particular, many local and out-of-district families choose to send their children to North Springs instead of to private schools or to public schools within their own districts to benefit from our school’s proven track record of success in academics, the arts and athletics. In fact, many students choose a lengthy commute to come to North Springs from North and South Fulton.

For example, here are a few statistics regarding the 389 students who comprise the North Springs Class of 2018:

  • 4 students were named National Merit Scholar Finalists
  • 3 students were selected to represent North Springs in the Governors Honors Program
  • 130 students completed a College and Career Pathway.
  • 78 students earned Advanced Placement honors.
  • Students have been accepted to schools all over the country. Our students are planning to attend University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Emory, Spellman, West Point, Michigan, Maryland, Tuskegee, Duke, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Northwestern, New York University and the list goes on. Eighty-eight percent of the members of our senior class plan to continue their education next year.

Though the many examples of success we have cited here are about North Springs, Sandy Springs is home to 11 public schools that offer a rich, relevant and comprehensive education rivaling any private school, or for that matter, any school in Cobb County. We are proud of our faculty and staff who prepare our students for life beyond high school by infusing students’ learning experiences with opportunities that encourage them to excel.

We encourage Fulton County residents to visit North Springs to learn about the many opportunities that benefit our students. We are confident it will be clear why so many make North Springs their school of choice.

Richard Artzi, Carolyn Dinberg, Lee Edelman, Cam Lupiani, Miriam Salpeter

Members, School Governance Council, North Springs Charter High School