Thanks for your column “Around Town: An Uber-seat view on Atlanta life” (July 6). I’m also an Uber chatter passenger.

Just recently, albeit in Baltimore, I spoke with a newly arrived Nigerian who referred to Baltimore traffic as “child’s play.” We extensively discussed the World Cup. However, he now realizes also that American football is more than big men in Spandex.

As for Atlanta, I’ve had a similar mix to you, but luckily can drive, so it’s only every so often.

For your newspaper’s benefit, let me mention my mother’s favorite service, GoGoGrandparent. This is Uber with an old-person-friendly interface, including a text to my brother when she is on the move. Pre-scheduled rides and saved pick-up and drop locations are also a benefit.

Thanks for writing. Our country is a phenomenal place and riding Uber makes one truly appreciate that fact.

Henry M. Quillian III