The state Senate’s school safety study committee held its next-to-final meeting at Chamblee Charter High School on Sept. 18 as it begins to wrap up its research.

The study committee has met with teachers, students, parents and local first responders across the state. Its members include local Sens. John Albers, who chairs the committee, Kay Kirkpatrick and Fran Millar.

State Sen. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody)

Following the meeting, where the committee heard mostly from Gwinnett County community members, Millar said he expects recommendations to center around needing more funding for safety improvements.

That may include allowing schools to use special purpose tax, or EPLOST, funds for the projects or initiatives, Millar said.

“We have to make a safe environment for children,” Millar said.

Millar does not support or expect any recommendations to arm teachers.

“I don’t see that happening in the metro area,” he said. “It is more important to arm school resource officers.”

The committee will meet a final time with community members in Savannah on Oct. 26 before reviewing the information in November at the state Capitol. The committee will then draft a report on its findings and recommendations for the Senate.