Brazilian musicians Fernanda Noronha leads the April showcase of Atlanta’s first ever monthly cultural exchange event at Red Light Cafe featuring top international artists based in Georgia. Presented by America’s Songbird of the South Myrna Clayton and CedarTree Worldwide Productions, Noronha will perform Friday, April 26, at 8 p.m.

Noronha is one of Atlanta’s best known Brazilian musicians. Originally from Salvador in the state of Bahia she has been living in Atlanta since 2011. She began singing in church choirs back home and at 16 decided to become a professional musician.  She toured extensively and recorded a number of popular songs.
She’s also become known as a prolific songwriter, having penned over 500 songs and often writing two or three a day. Motherhood has slowed down her daily output, but she still makes time for her art. Noronha says she was inspired as a child watching Brazilian musicians perform on TV, while her mother was a big Elvis fan so she listened to lots of popular American music.  She sites Sarah Vaughn and Stevie Wonder among her biggest musical influences.  She says Vaughn, in particular, turned her on to jazz.
Jazz is a big part of Noronha’s  music and musical style.  She is also influenced by samba, bossa nova and Black Brazilian music from her native state, Bahia. Noronha has an unusual vocal range and can sing a deep alto and a high soprano.
Joining Noronha at the Red Light Cafe are master percussionist Emrah Kotan, Roberto Chiappetta on electric guitar, Peu Pereira on acoustic guitar and Helder Zanella on bass. Friday’s performance is part of the Atlanta Jazz International Sound Series hosted by Myrna Clayton of CedarTree Worldwide.  There will be a jam session featuring many of the international jazz artists from the series also at the Red Light Cafe on Tuesday evening, April 30.
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