Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields announced Friday that officers will no longer pursue suspects in high-speed car chases while the department reviews its pursuit protocol.
Shields said the decision came after three recents deaths of innocent motorists who were struck by vehicles involved in chases.
While she acknowledged that the decision might cause a spike in crime, Shields said the issue had given her “heartburn for some time.” “
“We will rely on other techniques,” Shields said. ” I would rather err on the side of safety, even if it means temporarily not being as active in a space as I think we need to be.”
The chief shifted some of the blame for car chases on the broken justice system that returns repeat offenders to the streets to commit more crime.
“How can we justify someone losing their life in pursuit of a person who committed auto theft or a burglar when the courts aren’t even going to hold them accountable?” Shields questioned.