Andrea Surratt, the city manager of Sandy Springs, has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a city spokesperson. City Attorney Dan Lee said he also had the virus and has made a full recovery.

Some other city staff and officials, including Mayor Rusty Paul, are self-quarantining due to their contact with Surratt and Lee.

Sandy Springs City Manager Andrea Surratt. (Special)

Surratt’s positive test results came in April 2, city spokesperson Sharon Kraun said.

Kraun said those who came in contact with her before the test are required to self-quarantine for 14 days from the last point of possible exposure.

“This policy follows [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and [Georgia Department of Public Health] recommendations and is based on the incubation time of the virus,” Kraun said. “Individuals are monitored during that time, and report to our medical health officer should any symptoms develop.”

Surratt was present at an April 7 teleconference council meeting and she has continued to work remotely.

“She is doing well and has continued to be involved with day-to-day activities working remotely,” Kraun said. 

Kraun did not respond to comment requests about whether any other city staff members have contracted the virus.

At the April 7 council meeting, Lee said he had the coronavirus and thinks he contracted it at the Georgia State Capitol before the legislative session was suspended. Some members of the General Assembly, including local state Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick, contracted COVID-19, and many members self-isolated after state Sen. Brandon Beach attended a session while ill with the disease.

Sandy Springs City Attorney Dan Lee. (Special)

“I have survived the coronavirus and I’m not the youngest guy in the room,” Lee said at the April 7 council meeting. “But it’s a testament to folks who have it. You can get through it, you can survive it.”

Kraun said he has made a full recovery. Lee and Kraun did not immediately respond to a comment request about when the positive test results came in.

Paul spoke about the two city staff members testing positively and how he has handled the news at the April 7 council meeting.

“Well, the good news is the survival rate is 97% in Georgia right now,” Paul said. “I have no symptoms. Because of my interaction with [Lee] and also with the city manager, I’m quarantined right now like several other people but we’re still getting the work done.”

“We’re gonna get through this,” Paul added. “In the end, we’re gonna get through it.”

Hannah Greco is writer and media communications specialist based in Atlanta.