Update: The city has canceled this event due to social distancing concerns.

The city of Brookhaven will hold an “Easter Bunny Parade” featuring a costumed character riding in a police vehicle across the city on Saturday, April 11.

The event is intended to replace egg hunts and other activities the city has canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The character, called “Peter Rabbit,” will wave at spectators from the back of a police pickup truck, accompanied by a line of police cars with “lights flashing and sirens blaring,” according to a press release.

The city says spectators should maintain social distancing from the parade and each other while watching.

The parade will begin at 9 a.m. at Lynwood Park at 3360 Osbourne Road and take a long route through the city before ending at Brookhaven Police headquarters on Buford Highway.

To view a map of the route, click here.

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John Ruch

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