Nine new sculptures now adorn the perimeter of the City Green park in Sandy Springs, all chosen as finalists in the second ArtSS in the Open Sculpture competition.

This “gallery without walls” represents the top entries among the 260 submitted from artists nationwide. Jurists from local gallery and museum curators and established artists who work in the public art arena chose the finalists, city spokesperson Sharon Kraun said in a press release.

Corrina Sephora, whose sculpture “La Voyageur Qui Fait Son Nid” has been installed at City Green, took it as a sign of hope when she was notified her artwork was a finalist during the pandemic.

“Sandy Springs really appreciates public art…that’s something I really appreciate,” Sephora said, according to the release. “There was something that was really special about the timing.”

Artist John Parker of Pennsylvania had never been to the city until it was time to install his sculpture, “Flora Duet.”

“It’s a great site. I love this area…it’s really beautiful,” Parker said in the release.

The nine sculptures will be on display until May 2021. After the exhibit ends, the city will pick the winner and purchase it as part of its growing collection of artworks. In the first year’s competition, four sculptures were purchased and have been installed at Windsor Meadows Park, Hammond Park, and at a new sculpture park at the northeast corner of Abernathy and Wright Roads.

The sculpture finalists include:

  • “Billow” by Jacob Burmood of Kansas City, Missouri;
  • “Boreas” by Jonathan Bowling of Greenville, North Carolina;
  • “Flora Duet” by John Parker of Glenside, Pennsylvania;
  • “Groovy Peace Sign” by Joe and Terry Malesky of Strafford, Missouri;
  • “He Always Carried It With Him” by Charlie Brouwer, Willis, Virgina;
  • “La Voyageur Qui Fait Son Nid” by Corrina Sephora;
  • “Motion #1” and “Mountain Landscape” by Hanna Jubran of Grimesland, North Carolina;
  • “Specimen” by Joey Manson of Central, South Carolina.

Descriptions of the ArtSS in the Open finalists can be found online at

The park is located at 1 Galambos Way in the City Springs civic center.

ArtSS in the Open is an initiative of Art Sandy Springs, a local non-profit organization. The organization began in 2008. Its semi-annual competitions and privately funded purchases have brought $400,000 of public art to the city.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.