Ms. Thurman’s letter regarding “the code of systemic racism” leaves me wondering exactly what she is trying to convey. (“Letter: Commentary on Sandy Springs’ founding spoke in the code of systemic racism,” Aug. 13.) If she is proposing the banning of any and all words deemed to have “racist” secret meanings, then how are we to communicate? In most of our country we use the English language and mostly English words or commonly understood words (don’t get me started — I’m from Pittsburgh!). If she has developed or is developing some new language, perhaps she could advise us of such.

Then, please understand that if proponents of one side are speaking or using words that those on the other side do not use or understand, the conversation isn’t going very far. There’s no opportunity to consider and offer comments if you don’t know what the other person is saying.

This business where everyone who is “not black” is a racist has me totally confused. Maybe start with explaining what you’re not happy with? Can I present my list as well?

David Wallace
Sandy Springs

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