Harold Dennis

Harold Dennis.


Occupation: Professional pilot and business owner

Previous elected offices held: None.

Other community service experience: Youth motivational speaker at various DeKalb County schools speaking to the youth to let them know that, don’t let your environment dictate your life; you are higher than your environment.

Why should voters choose you instead of the incumbent?

My entire professional career has been devoted to helping people. I have worked in various positions that required me to be extra vigilant for my family as well as others. I have previously been a police officer, sheriff lieutenant, airline pilot and aircraft dispatcher. I understand the importance of professionalism, communication and leadership.

In the wake of the national and local protests about police killings of George Floyd and other Black people, what reforms, if any, should the Sheriff’s Office and jail undertake?  

I believe the best way to make changes is to start at the beginning and the top. I believe by being transparent, it empowers our citizens to hold the sheriff’s office to a higher standard and accountable. Ensuring public safety by implementing a crime suppression team, home invasion task force and a human sex trafficking task force. Ensuring open communication by implementing a citizens review board to build working relationships with the community and various businesses throughout the community, and reducing response times to calls by aiding DeKalb Police on 911 calls.

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