The Dunwoody City Council Oct. 26 deferred a rezoning request to build 14 homes on 3.3 acres on Roberts Drive as councilmembers asked the developer to return with a site plan that shows as little impervious surface as possible.

Peachland Housing Group asked to increase the impervious surface coverage from 40% to 85% for their proposed 15-home “empty-nester” community intended for senior residents. Robert Miller, a partner in the project, said the developers could reduce it to 70%.

A sketch of the 15-house neighborhood proposed on Roberts Drive. (Special)

Impervious surfaces refers to surfaces that rain water cannot pass through.

The parcel, which includes 5318, 5328 and 5308 Roberts Drive, currently has three single-family homes.

The council had asked the developer during its Oct. 12 meeting to put more planning into the proposal and discuss it with residents in the neighboring subdivisions, including Dunwoody Knoll.

Mayor Lynn Deutsch said she was worried about the 85% coverage

“If they take away a house or two, does that allow them to have less coverage?” she asked.

Councilmember John Heneghan said he had grave concerns with the development proposal and that it is trying to do too much on the site.

“It’s not appropriate for us to put a 50-pound bag of potatoes into a paper bag,” he said.

Councilmember Tom Lambert agreed with Heneghan.

“Density there is a bit much, I think, considering the surrounding neighborhood,” Lambert said. “Reduced density is the only way this thing works for me. I don’t think one home would do it.”

In asking for a deferral, Deutsch said the points of contention are the number of lots and the lot coverage. She said she didn’t have a solution.

“I know what we need is more housing like this and less family-type homes,” she said.

The council will consider the rezoning at its Nov. 9 meeting.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.