Parents of students in the Fulton County School System will get one chance to decide if their children will attend classes face-to-face or through universal remote learning for the second semester.

The choice parents make during the second-semester commitment survey will last for nine weeks, Chief Academic Officer Cliff Jones said at a Nov. 19 Fulton Board of Education meeting. The survey is posted on the FCS website and will be available through Dec. 14.

If parents don’t complete the survey, their children’s learning will default to how they are enrolled on Dec. 14 for the end of the first semester.

Jones said during the first semester, the school district has allowed parents to go back and forth between in-person and virtual learning based on their concerns.

“But at this point we need them to commit to nine weeks,” he said. “This might mean that they might not have their same teacher.”

The school system has created two videos to help explain the simultaneous learning teachers will perform for students in face-to-face and remote learning. Jones said it is not easy to teach to two different environments at the same time.

“Academic officers are trying to solve this problem across the country,” he said.

Some school districts have different names for it, including concurrent or hybrid teaching.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.