Brookhaven residents will have a chance to see the site concept for a public “lake house” in Murphey Candler Park at a Feb. 22 virtual meeting. 

The lake house has been proposed as an alternative to a community center suggested in the original plan for the park. The city has not provided a definition or renderings of the lake house, but it will be a public gathering space of some sort. 

The city passed the $40 million park bond with 60% voter approval in 2018, and $8.9 million of that amount was set aside for Murphey Candler Park, a 135-acre park located at 1551 West Nancy Creek Drive. 

Before deciding on the idea for the lake house instead of a community center, the city held a public input process from November of 2019 to September of 2020 to find out what amenities, programs, and design preferences residents of Brookhaven would like to see reflected in the structure. Over 400 responses were collected during the outreach process, according to a press release from Jan. 21. 

“According to the input received, the preferred community lake house should offer a high-quality aesthetic that blends into the natural character of the park,” read the press release. “It should provide restrooms, multipurpose/instructional rooms, and an outdoor overlook to take advantage of the setting and vistas.” 

The open house comes amid controversy surrounding changes to Murphey Candler Park, with some residents expressing concern over changes they say weren’t included in the original plans and the cutting of trees in the park. 

The open house for the Lake House will be held on Feb. 22. Residents can join through this Zoom link.  

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.