DeKalb County has issued access easements to Brookhaven so the city can begin work on improvements to Brookhaven Park. 

Brookhaven passed a $40 million park bond in 2018, which included improvements for all of the city’s parks. However, improvements in Brookhaven Park were delayed due to land disputes between the city and the county.

The western portion of the park is owned by the city, while DeKalb County owns the eastern part. The city has been trying to purchase the county’s half of the park for years, and sued the county in January of this year to try and force it to transfer ownership. 

Because access to the park is located on DeKalb County’s side, the city had to apply for access easements to begin construction on its side of the park. The city began submitting for permits in 2020, but just accepted the easements from the county at a June 29 Brookhaven City Council meeting. 

City spokesperson Burke Brennan said there is no further update on the lawsuit between the city and county. The park is still in the design phase, but is expected to go out to bid for construction this fall. 

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.