The Dunwoody City Council has awarded a contract to the architectural firm Pond & Company Inc. for parks master planning services for two locations in Dunwoody.

The contract was on the consent agenda at the council’s July 26 meeting. Parks planning is to take place for properties at 5435 Roberts Drive and 4809/4819 Vermack Road. The city recently began the buying process for the Vermack Road properties to turn them into park land, and the property at Roberts Drive is the site of the old Austin Elementary School, which will also be converted to park land. 

According to city documents, Pond & Company Inc. proposed a contract of $49,400. City staff have requested the contract awarded by council not exceed $54,400. The memo to mayor and council states that funding for this project will come from a $50,000 capital fund in the 2021 budget, with any needed contingency funds coming from the Parks Operations Budget. 

The council also approved a contract award for irrigation and sod installation at the Roberts Drive property. Parks and Recreation Director Brent Walker said this will allow the public to use the property as greenspace until the city figures out what park features it would like to install.

City spokesperson Jennifer Boettcher said beyond the reopening of a playground at the Roberts Drive property, nothing has been decided about what features will be added to the parks. Pond & Company Inc. is expected to hold meetings over the coming months to gather public input. 

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.