Michelle Sullivan

Candidate for Sandy Springs City Council, District 4

Website: www.michelle-sullivan.com

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1) What are three issues affecting your district that you would tackle as a councilmember?

As District 4 representative on Sandy Springs City Council, I will listen to the concerns communicated by the residents of District 4. I will focus on solutions to those concerns in our district to include traffic control, water infrastructure and resources to develop a community recreational center for  families in District 4. 

2) How would you encourage more housing diversity and affordability in Sandy  Springs, especially for city workers and others who can’t afford to live where they  work?

I would encourage housing diversity and affordability by the city using innovative processes in the development of economical homes to decrease the cost of construction, implementing technology that removes barriers at the state and local levels to help reduce the cost of construction in order to build faster, increase productivity and lower cost.  

3) How would you encourage redevelopment in Sandy Springs, such as in the city’s  North End, while balancing issues of displacement for lower-income residents?

Redevelopment in the North End should focus on commercial projects that will bring economic growth. This will give residents access to affordable wages and will allow residents to live where they work or maintain a place of residency of their choice.  

4) How would you work to improve equity and diversity in Sandy Springs?

Working to improve equity and diversity requires a collaborative effort between community leaders and agencies to serve the needs of our community to reflect diverse lived experience and social reality. A diversity and inclusion committee that the city created as a first initiative will allow a wider perspective when developing new ideas on integrating and problem solving for the community.  

5) If city finances were to decline, would you consider a tax hike or would you rather  cut city services and programs?

We must be proactive and not reactive, preventing and engaging in business practices so that city finances do not decline resulting in a need to raise taxes or cut city services and programs.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.