The Brookhaven City Council approved three contracts for improvements to Lynwood Park during its Oct. 26 meeting. The contracts are related to the construction of a pool, splash pad, pool house, and turf field in the park. 

All of the projects are included under Brookhaven’s $40 million park bond, which received voter support in 2018. The bond sets aside just under $11 million for improvements to Lynwood Park, which is located at 3360 Osborne Road. 

“It’s so long-awaited for the Lynwood community,” said Councilmember Linley Jones. “It comes at the tail end of the start of our park bond projects, and I hope that the Lynwood community is excited for the improvement and patient with the process. It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful set of amenities for Lynwood.”

The council approved an $8.6 million contract with Integrated Construction and Nobility (ICAN) for construction of the splash pad, pool, a pool deck, fencing, and pool house. A roughly $565,000 contract with the construction company Advanced Sports Group will cover the installation of a multi-use synthetic turf field at the park, and an $82,557.60 contract with the construction materials testing company Geo-Hydro Engineers will cover soil and materials testing for the splash pad. 

During the City Council’s Oct. 26 work session, Parks Bond Program Manager Lee Croy said that Geo-Hydro Engineers has already performed three soil inspections in the area, and will continue to provide testing throughout the construction of the splash pad. Soil and materials testing is used to ensure a certain area can support a construction project. 

“It’s not going to be the best to think of having to remove 100 loads of soil and haul in another hundred loads to replace it,” Croy said. “So Geo-Hydro has two methods that we’ve actually included in the contract to stabilize the soil onsite.”

During the work session, Croy ran through some specifics for each project and contract. According to Croy, the amount of parking for the pool area will increase from 19 spots to 86, plus six additional ADA spots. The swimming pool will be a four-lane lap pool. 

The turf field will be about 150 feet by 225 feet, said Croy. Locals will be able to set up the field for both soccer and baseball. There will be two pavilions in the park, one just outside the pool area and one at the turf field. 

Construction is expected to take about 11 months, and should be completed at the end of 2022. 

Writer and Journalist Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.