Construction will ramp up on two of Brookhaven park projects this month.

Construction on a new splash pad for Lynwood Park is expected to begin in December, and work is already underway for improvements to Murphey Candler Park’s pool parking lot, according to a city spokesperson. Both of these projects are part of Brookhaven’s $40 million parks bond, which passed in 2018.

A rendering of the Lynwood Park splash pad.

The Brookhaven City Council approved a contract for the splash pad back in October. 

“The contractor expects to close the entry drive, install erosion control measures and possibly begin tree removal and demolition of the existing structures in December,” said city spokesperson Burke Brennan in an email. 

Construction on numerous Lynwood Park projects is expected to take a full year to complete, according to a notice the city mailed to residents in the area. The city expects increased traffic on Osborne Road, Devine Circle, and Mendell Circle during construction.

At Murphey Candler, the parking lot improvement project will add 27 new parking spaces to the north lot, according to the city’s plans, taking the total number of parking spots in that lot from 27 to 54. The total number of spaces in the south lot will stay at 45. 

According to the city’s tree removal plan, 47 trees in the north parking lot and 9 trees in the south parking lot will be removed. 

“The tree removal chart does list 47 trees to be removed for the north lot, including 14 camellia bushes, a weedy bush that was overhanging the existing lot, and 5 trees to be removed for the egress road as required by the Fire Marshal,” Brennan said in an email. “Resurfacing the south lot requires removal of 9 trees, 6 of which have roots that have grown under the existing pavement leading to pavement failure and 3 to be removed for improved drainage flumes at the end of the lot.”

The city’s planting plan states that six tupelo trees and 25 olive trees will be planted in accordance with the project, along with 158 bushes and pink muhly grass.

For more updates on parks bond projects, check the city’s website. 

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.