Sean Goldsmith (above right) is co-founder of Atlanta-based The Zero Proof, the country’s largest importer of alcohol-free spirits and wine. After a long stint in New York, and a stop in his hometown of Augusta, GA, He moved to Virginia-Highland during the pandemic.

The popularity of Dry January has been a boon for Goldsmith’s company that he founded with partner Trevor Wolfe. Rough Draft caught up with Sean and asked him for his Top 5 Something. He came back to us with his Top 5 hangs on the Westside.

1. My warehouse is right around the corner from Star Provisions (and they’re a client), so I’m there at least once a week for lunch and coffee. I always get the prosciutto sandwich — baguette, butter, cheese, prosciutto. It reminds me of a street sandwich I had in Paris as a kid. Delicious. And grab a chocolate meringue.

2. Saltbox is an amazing, Atlanta-based startup. It’s a “WeWork for warehouses.” They take a giant warehouse and divide it up for multiple businesses. And they offer tons of services, so the experience is turnkey. Our business uses Saltbox and it saves us tons of time and headaches. I’m trying to spend less time here, to be honest, but we’ve been so busy, I’m there at least a couple of days each week.

3. Weekend biscuits at Redbird: I find myself on the Westside even when I’m not working! My wife and I love the weekend-only biscuits at Redbird. I get the classic, bacon, egg and cheese. She prefers the Ocean Man. It’s like a lox bagel, just on a biscuit. Then I make the short walk to…

Photo courtesy of Five Daughters Doughnuts.

4.Five Daughters Doughnuts – Best doughnuts in Atlanta, in my humble opinion! I always get a Purist (the classic, glazed) and one of the rotating, more involved flavors.

5. On days when the crew is stuck in the warehouse all day, I’ll run down the street to my favorite pizzeria in Atlanta, Antico Pizza Napoletana, to grab lunch for everyone. It’s simple, classic Neapolitan pizza done right (with a wood-fired oven and premium ingredients). 

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