The Brookhaven City Council has approved an amendment to the city’s new tax district, which would have certain business owners pay more in property taxes to help fund infrastructure improvements.

The city originally approved the creation of a Special Services District in December of 2021, despite concerns from residents. At the council’s Tuesday meeting, City Attorney Chris Balch said the amendment was made so residents would have a better idea of which properties could be included in the district. 

“The amendment provides for a better description of the properties that are included as opposed to describing the properties that are excluded,” Balch said.

City spokesperson Burke Brennan said the district was originally contiguous with the city’s boundaries, but now it is smaller and more contained. The revised map now only includes commercial and exempt properties within the city. 

The new Brookhaven Special Services District map (left) next to the old map (right).

“This was adopted to avoid creating a new exemption for homesteaded property owners,” reads the email. 

The council discussed what sort of projects might be funded by a Special Services District at its annual retreat in February.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.