The Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce named its annual small business, restaurant and volunteer of the year at a luncheon held on May 11.

“All of our finalists and winners over the years have been vital to the success of Sandy Springs in multiple ways,” said Patty Conway, who has headed it since its start in 2009. “We are so truly lucky to live, work and play in a city where the residents and the businesses are so supportive of each other and the community as a whole.”

Winners at the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber luncheon included Jeannie DiLuzio, Volunteer of the Year; D. Geller and Sons as Small Business of the Year, with Candy Johnson and Meredith Naggar representing the business; and the Restaurant of the Year, Just Love Coffee Café, with owner Amanda Singer.

·        D. Geller & Sons Jewelry won the Small Business of the Year distinction.

·        Just Love Coffee Café was named the Restaurant of the Year.

·        Jeannie DiLuzio was honored as the chamber’s Volunteer of the Year.

“I don’t think Sandy Springs would be the community it is, if not for the volunteers that work in so many different areas at so many different nonprofits, schools, other organizations in our city,” Conway said.

After the finalists were announced and the awards handed out, keynote speaker Lynne Zappone stepped the business owners and managers through ways to be successful leaders, growing their company and their employees.

“Today we’re talking about business, how to lead a successful business, whether it’s a small business, or you’re part of a larger organization,” she said.

She offered tips and tools to help them be successful in running their businesses.

“But I also want to focus today on also how do you lead the team? How do you bring out the best in the people that are working with you? It is very important because they’re often interacting with your clients with your customers,” Zappone said.

Keynote speaker Lynne Zappone speaks with the chamber’s executive director, Robb Dillon, after her talk.

Finalists in the chamber’s Business Awards Luncheon included:

Small Business of the Year:

  • D Geller & Son (winner)
    • Candy Johnson, Meredith Naggar
  • Jori Kasher with State Farm
    • Tamyra Pickett
  • Shoebox Tax Prep
    • Jennifer Matilsky

Restaurant of the Year:

  • Just Love Coffee Café (winner)
    • Amanda Singer
  • City Barbeque
    • Marvin Watts
  • Battle & Brew
    • David Veach

Volunteer of the Year:

  • Matt LaMarsh
  • Cathy Sneider
  • Jeannie DiLuzio (winner)

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.