The Atlanta Department of Transportation has installed a diagonal pedestrian crossing at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue, known for the rainbow crosswalk. Green arrows show how pedestrians can cross at the intersection. Orange arrows show the directions motorists will be allowed. (ATLDOT)

The Atlanta Department of Transportation is testing a diagonal crossing, known as a pedestrian scramble, at 10th Street NE and Piedmont Avenue NE in Midtown. The goal is to investigate possible safety improvements at the busy intersection near Piedmont Park.

The scramble was installed Aug. 15 at the intersection known for its rainbow crosswalk and will be in effect through Aug. 29, allowing pedestrians to cross the intersection diagonally.

Motorists will be required to follow new rules during the pilot program. Those driving east on 10th Street NE will not be allowed to go straight from the leftmost lane; that lane will temporarily be left-turn only onto Piedmont Avenue NE, according to the ATLDOT.

Drivers heading west on 10th Street NE will not be allowed to go straight from the right most lane; that lane will temporarily be right-turn only onto Piedmont Avenue NE. 

Signage, temporary striping, and barricades indicating the new traffic pattern on 10th Street NE eastbound and westbound will be in place during the pilot program.

The pilot program will investigate possible intersection safety improvements associated with the Central Midtown Connection Plan. During the pilot, ATLDOT will assess traffic flow and gather additional data to develop strategies for making the intersection safer for all users.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.