The Dunwoody City Council viewed three possible future development scenarios in the Perimeter area at an Aug. 22 meeting. 

The presentation was part of the city’s Edge City 2.0 project, which is a collaborative effort between the city and the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) to study what future economic growth and development could look like in Perimeter Center. “Edge City” comprises a two-mile radius around the Dunwoody MARTA Station at the corner of Perimeter Center Parkway NE and Hammond Drive. 

Andrew Kohr, a principal with consultant Pond & Company, said the company has done market analysis, as well as looked at trends in real estate development, financial parameters, and tourism, demographic, and employment data to come up with three different growth scenarios. 

Kohr said that Pond held a stakeholder advisory committee workshop on July 21, where they allowed different community stakeholders to provide feedback on the three scenarios. He also said the hope would be to combine different elements from the three for a final scenario. Each scenario is projected over a 20-year forecast. 

There’s no one scenario. It’s not like you have to pick one or the other,” he said. “What are the best ideas from each?” 

Kohr called the first possible scenario for growth “Live + Walk.” This scenario would decentralize development throughout the Perimeter Center, focusing on mid and low-rise development and greenspace spread evenly throughout the area and connected by walkable roads and pathways. 

Scenario A for Edge City
A screenshot of Scenario “Live + Walk” from the Edge City 2.0 presentation at the Aug. 22 Dunwoody City Council meeting.

The second scenario is called “Gather,” and would include redevelopment around a central gathering space along Ashford Dunwoody Road, according to the presentation. The developments in question would be a mix of low, mid, and high-rise concentrated around greenspaces. Residents would be able to get to the gathering space via pedestrian pathways. 

A screenshot of Scenario “Gather” from the Edge City 2.0 presentation at the Aug. 22 Dunwoody City Council meeting.

“Part of the challenge we have in the Perimeter area is there’s no one central gathering civic space,” Kohr said. 

In a diagram, Kohr showed a possible large greenspace in front of Perimeter Mall. 

The last scenario, called “Transit-Oriented,” would emphasize development around the Dunwoody MARTA station. According to the presentation, higher density developments would be located at Perimeter Mall and the adjacent areas. Bicycle and pedestrian paths would connect properties on the outskirts to the MARTA station. 

A screenshot of Scenario “Transit-Oriented” from the Edge City 2.0 presentation at the Aug. 22 Dunwoody City Council meeting.

Kohr said that based on stakeholder input, the consultant team plans to create a refined scenario that includes higher density development around the MARTA station, central greenspace and smaller surrounding pockets of greenspace, a bicycle and pedestrian trail network, and a street grid to try and alleviate congestion on Ashford Dunwoody Road and promote walkability. 

Kohr said the consultant team plans to hold public engagement sessions on a final scenario by mid-October and bring a draft back to the city by mid-November. 

The entire presentation and meeting can be viewed on the city’s Facebook page

Writer and Journalist Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.