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New Realm Brewing and Distilling has launched a new liquor that’s perfect for a refresher at the summer comes to a close.

The brewery and distillery has released a limited quantity of its new Strawberry Gin, infused with locally farmed strawberries and Wildflower honey, according to a press release. New Realm began distilling operations in Atlanta in 2019 and in Savannah in 2021.

If you’re lucky enough to pick up a bottle while supplies last, try this recipe on for size. The gin’s hints of juniper and citrus will be perfect for a gin fizz.

a strawberry gin fizz on the left side, with a bottle of New Realm's strawberry gin on the right side.
A Strawberry Gin Fizz made with New Realm’s new strawberry gin.

Strawberry Gin Fizz


       2oz Strawberry Gin

·         1 oz Lemon Juice

·         1 oz Simple syrup 

·         1 muddled Strawberry 

·         Soda to top 


  1. Place strawberries in glass. Muddle. Top with ice.

2. Add gin, lemon, simple to shaker. Shake w/ ice.

3. Pour over fresh ice, top with soda. 

4. Garnish w/ strawberry + mint

Writer and Journalist Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.