The Weber School celebrates 25 years of education with record enrollment, new initiatives and a new dean of Jewish Studies.

The initiatives added this school year include enhanced music and theater programming, Physics First and Weber Wellness.

“We are thrilled about our enrollment growth and increasing student body diversity. With this growth comes myriad opportunities, and we are excited to announce new and innovative ‘Only at Weber’ initiatives across the school,” said Rise Arkin, Weber’s director of Admissions.

Rabbi Adam Mayer became the school’s new Dean of Jewish Studies and Maspiah Ruchani (Rabbinic counselor). He joins Weber from Kohelet Yeshiva in Philadelphia, where he spent eight years teaching high school Jewish Studies and serving as the track and cross-country coach.

Rabbi Adam Mayer is Weber’s new dean of Jewish Studies. (Submitted)

Before that, Mayer lived in Israel, where he served as a medic in the IDF and attended Pardes, where he majored in Jewish Education and Rabbinical Studies. At Weber, Mayer will teach new courses and collaborate with content deans to develop new interdisciplinary courses and programs, including grade trips, Shabbaton, and holiday celebrations. He also has started a new Weber class focused on Hip Hop and Judaism.

The enhanced music and theater programming begins as Weber looks forward to the construction of its new music and performing arts center. Beginning in September, Weber’s Performing Arts Program launches its Visiting Artist Series, bringing local and national artists to the Weber community for masterclasses, events, and performances.

The music program will continue to offer artists in residence, field trips, and festival-style concerts. Students will learn from and perform with professional, touring musicians and perform alongside them at venues around Atlanta. Weber’s theatre program is expanding its stage and production management offerings by adding dance and voice opportunities.

This year, Weber launched its Physics First curriculum to introduce physics to students in the ninth grade. Physics First concepts set up students for success in subsequent science courses such as chemistry and biology. Students will experience the hands-on application of physics concepts through interdisciplinary collaboration with the Daniel Zalik Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design.

Social Emotional Learning Student Programming is a part of a Weber Wellness initiative through the school’s Office of Student Support & Enrichment and Student Programming. It is designed to bring positive, growth-minded experiences. Weber Wellness Wednesdays will bring together students at each grade level to interact, get to know one another, and foster a sense of belonging.

Weber continues its flagship programs, The Daniel Zalik Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Design, The Sports Science and Management Academy, and Weber’s Travel Education and Experiential Learning program.

Just launched this summer was an Alumni Mentoring Program. Mentors throughout the school’s community ranging from older Weber alumni to Board members, parents, past parents, and community members will offer career guidance and mentoring to students in internships and jobs throughout college and as they enter the workforce.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.