Recently pop star Lizzo made a stop in Atlanta as part of her tour. In addition to her status as pop icon, she’s also among one of the most famous vegans in the country. So it’s no surprise she placed an order at one of Atlanta’s vegan restaurants.

Pop music superstar Lizzo reviews Atlanta’s Planted Soul’s food on TikTok (Via GPB News)

“Lemme tell you something, Atlanta and y’all’s vegan food. What? Y’all ain’t playing with nobody,” Lizzo said in her TikTok video.

The food she sampled on camera came from Planted Soul. She raved about a meal called the Jamaican Me Crazy, which includes collard greens, vegan jerk chicken (made of textured vegetable protein), rice and peas, and mac and cheese. Lizzo also ordered fries.

Planted Soul owner Deja Francis says she first learned of Lizzo’s rave review from a customer. 

“She mentioned that she found us from Lizzo’s TikTok page,” she told GPB. “I was completely blown away.”

That customer also ordered the Jamaican Me Crazy. And more such orders were coming.

“Since Lizzo has given us that shoutout, given those compliments on her TikTok, I can see that we’ve had a considerably strong influx of orders of the Jamaican Me Crazy meal,” Francis said.

Planted Soul opened two years ago as “Soul Vegan” and in that time, Francis said she’s gotten shoutouts from other well-known vegans, such as rapper Jermaine Dupri. But she says Lizzo’s kind words let her know she’s on the right path with her business.

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