Key Takeaways:

- When creating New Year’s resolutions, make some that include your pup
- Making resolutions for you and your pup can help strengthen your bond
- Act on resolutions to keep your dog healthy and happy in 2023

While you’re thinking about New Year’s resolutions for yourself, how about thinking of some that include your dog?

Use some of that change-making energy to build new habits so both you and your pup can live happier, healthier lives. Here are some great ideas for New Year’s resolutions for you and your dog: 

I will spend more time with my pup

    Like most people, you’re probably busy with work and chores, and it’s likely you don’t get to spend as much time with your pup as you would like. Make it a point to set aside a couple of hours each day just for the two of you.

    I will try a new activity with my dog every month

    You and your dog can both get stuck in ruts – doing the same things and walking the same routes. Make a resolution for 2023 that the two of you will try something new every month. It can be a road trip, taking a hike, walking a new neighborhood, or visiting a dog-friendly café. It will provide new experiences for both you and your dog and forge a deeper bond.

    I will get my dog microchipped

    Microchipping your pup is one of the best things you can do for them and yourself. If your dog slips out of its collar and leash, it’s one of the best ways to find them. Be sure to register your chip with a national pet recovery database and use a service that can access different databases. 

    I will set up more play dates 

    If your dog loves other dogs but doesn’t get a chance to play with them very often, a play date with a compatible dog can be fun for you both. As you and your friend chat, the dogs can be running around having a great time. This is great exercise for your pup and gives them a chance to socialize.

    Regular grooming is important for your dog’s comfort, health, and happiness. (Credit: Scenthound)

    I will take my dog for regular grooming sessions

    Are you that pup parent? You know, the one whose dog always looks a little, well, scruffy. The one that sits scratching and randomly grooming themselves at the dog park or when you’re visiting friends with dogs while the other dogs are running around and having a great time. Regular grooming is important for many reasons, including your dog’s comfort, health, and happiness. A Scenthound Monthly Care Club membership makes it easy and affordable, and there’s an app to make it completely seamless.

    I will learn to make homemade dog snacks

    For all living creatures, and especially our pets, food is love. If you like to cook, this is a great way to show your pup some extra affection. They’ll be eagerly standing by, waiting for their tasty treats. You can find plenty of recipes online. Just make sure that you don’t include anything toxic to dogs and pay attention to calories.

    I will pay more attention to my dog’s body language

    No one likes to be misunderstood, and since dogs can’t talk, you can get a lot of information by observing their movements, energy, and posture. Your pup is communicating all the time and knowing what they’re trying to “say” will help the two of you make a deeper connection. 

    When your dog is happy, they will be relaxed with a swishing tail and relaxed ears. If your pup is angry or frightened, their body and ears will be stiff with ears on alert, and their tails will be still. Their hair will often stand on end. 

    A playful dog will move around, their tail will be wagging, and their ears relaxed. The more you learn about the body language of your dog, the better the two of you can communicate. 

    I will create a pet savings account

    Even when you do your very best to keep your dog healthy, things happen. Pet insurance helps, but a major illness and follow-up care can be costly. Set aside a part of your savings just in case. You would hate to have something happen and not be able to afford to get your pup the care they need. 

    I will provide my dog with more enrichment items and activities

    Bored dogs can be destructive, and they are certainly unhappy, so it is important to add enrichment items and activities to their daily life. There are plenty of enrichment toys you can make yourself, as well as plenty available for purchase, such as interactive feeders, lick mats, and foraging toys. 

    I will teach my dog a new trick

    Tricks tie in with enrichment. If your dog only knows the basics like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” a more complex trick can stimulate your dog by mentally challenging them. New tricks have practical uses, too. When you test your fire alarms, teach your dog what to do at the same time by training them how to get out of the house in case of an emergency. If your dog has the temperament for it, you might even train them to be a therapy dog at a hospital or care home. 

    Brushing your dog’s teeth keeps plaque and bad breath from becoming a problem. (Credit: Scenthound)

    I will brush my dog’s teeth

    Brushing is important to clean away the plaque that causes bad breath and more serious problems like tooth decay and gum disease. If keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and happy isn’t enough of an incentive, getting your pup a cleaning at the vet costs between $300 and $700, and that doesn’t include any treatment for dental disease.

    You can make 2023 the best year ever for you and your pup just by making some New Year’s resolutions that will benefit you both. Of course, intentions are great, but they must be acted upon. Maybe that should be your first resolution!

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