Jenifer Goldin

Will anonymous social media posts expose the secrets of a picture-perfect community? That’s the question that Dunwoody resident Jenifer Goldin’s debut novel “Anonymous Mom Posts” will attempt to answer.

The novel is described as the perfect book for those who like stories about complicated friendships, the pressures of motherhood, challenging marriages and the path to self-acceptance.

“It’s a book that’s a lot of fun and has a lot of humor, but it also makes you think,” Goldin said. “It’s got a ‘Big Little Lies’ vibe.”

Set in California, the story features the heroine Laura Perry, who is fed up with the snarky attitudes of the moms who post on the Hamilton Beach Moms’ social media page. She and a friend launch a plan to move beyond virtual engagement to organize an in-person fundraising event to help the group connect in real life. However, as the moms post their secrets anonymously, the plot thickens, leading to drama both on and off the page.

“The book explores the political connection of social media and what’s at the heart of a genuine connection,” she said.

Goldin’s novel took about six months to write and more than a year to edit and refine. She said she received “a mountain of feedback” about the publishing industry, and in the process, redefined her idea of being a successful author.

“I hope to find my audience of people who enjoy books about mom culture,” Goldin said. “It’s not about being on the New York Times’ best seller list.”

Goldin was by profession an audiologist specializing in pediatric cochlear implants, but writing was her passion. After reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, a tale about the mysterious nature of inspiration, Goldin was motivated to gather her pile of hand-written notebooks and turn them into a novel.

She said she has already finished her next novel, which is not a sequel, but is in the same “mom-culture” genre.

The book, which can be pre-ordered on Kindle Amazon, will be available for download or paperback on April 1. For more information about Goldin and the book, visit

Cathy Cobbs

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