If you and your family are looking for a home in Alpharetta, you’re probably factoring school choice into your decision.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated elementary schools in Alpharetta, according to this ranking system from Great Schools

Great Schools creates rankings by analyzing data from state departments of education and the federal government.

Here are the top 3 elementary schools in Alpharetta

Creek View Elementary School

  • The school gets a 10/10 for test scores across ethnic groups, meaning that there aren’t big differences in scores between these groups.
  • At this school, underserved students perform better than other underserved students in the state.
  • Reviews of this school by parents are a mixed bag with many giving the school 5 stars, but a handful also giving it 1 star. Read these reviews here.

Amana Academy

  • Test scores here are far above the state average in every subject — especially in physical science, where, according to the stats on Great Schools, 100% of Amana students succeed as opposed to 45% of students statewide. 
  • This school uses Harvard’s Expeditionary Learning approach, meaning that they teach their students by letting them use their skills in real-world “expeditions.” They also offer Arabic language instruction, making their curriculum one of the most diverse on this list.
  • A majority of the students here are Black, the only one like it in this Top 3 list. In addition, 45% of Amana students are from low-income families, and scores for these students are much higher than low-income students at other schools.

State Bridge Crossing Elementary School

  • Great Schools gives this school a 10/10 on test scores — in fact, students who took the Georgia Milestone exams outperformed the state average in every subject. 
  • In terms of diversity, 12% of the student population are from low-income households, and 7% of students are still learning English. Nearly half of the student’s population is white, but test scores across the next three largest ethnic groups show that there aren’t major differences in student success.
  • The student to teacher ratio is 18:1, which is a larger ratio than the state average of 15:1. Despite this, 92% of the teachers have had at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Here are the rest of the top 10:

4. Lake Windward Elementary School

5. Barnwell Elementary School

6. Medlock Bridge Elementary School

7. Cogburn Woods Elementary School

8. Crabapple Crossing Elementary School

9. Dolvin Elementary School   

10. Alpharetta Elementary School

Check out Great Schools to view these rankings and all other Alpharetta school rankings.

US News is also a good source of rankings and reviews of schools. You can check out their page on Alpharetta here.

Sophia Tone

Sophia Tone is a contributor to What's Your Atlanta and Rough Draft Atlanta.