This Sandy Springs Police Department cruiser was struck by another motorist late Thursday night on I-285 West near New Northside Drive. (SSPD/Facebook)

A Sandy Springs Police Department cruiser was struck from behind by a motorist on I-285 West at New Northside Drive while officers were working on an earlier accident.

The accident occurred just after 11 p.m. on Thursday night, March 2.

The impact was powerful enough to push the cruiser into a vehicle that was involved in the initial incident, according to the SSPD’s Facebook post. The driver that struck the cruiser sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The officer was not injured, as he was outside of the cruiser when the accident occurred.

The driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions and the move over law, SSPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Matthew McGinnis said.

SSPD also reminded motorists to obey the Georgia Move Over Law in the Facebook post. A driver approaching a stationary emergency vehicle that is displaying flashing yellow, amber, white, red, or blue lights must approach the authorized emergency vehicle with due caution. Absent any other direction by a peace officer, the driver must proceed as follows:

  1. Make a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions; or
  2. If a lane change under paragraph (1) of this subsection would be impossible, prohibited by law, or unsafe, reduce the speed of the motor vehicle to a reasonable and proper speed for the existing road and traffic conditions, which speed shall be less than the posted speed limit, and be prepared to stop.

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.