Milton is home to four public elementary schools and a number of private schools.

We’ve put together this article as a reference of the primary school with the highest ranking on GreatSchools and US News. Great Schools is a nonprofit organization that works to rank schools across the US.

Since Milton’s public schools schools are all part of Fulton County Schools, some residents are zoned into Alpharetta or Roswell schools, as well. If your student falls into that category, see our article on the top ranking schools in Alpharetta.

Here is how the three elementary schools within Milton’s city limits stack up.

Birmingham Falls Elementary School

Birmingham Falls GreatSchools summary ratings are as follows:

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Test scores: 10/10 (Above average)
  • Student progress: 7/10 (Above average)

Student progress thrives at BMES and standardized test scores are well above the state averages. English and math scores are near double their Georgia peers that average 43% in both subjects (BFES students score 82% in English and 80% in math). Additionally, BFES students average scores of 73% in science and 55% in social studies, when student scores statewide hover below 40%. While test scores don’t paint a full picture of a school, above average scores indicate other positive aspects.

One of the most talked about advantages of Birmingham Falls (BFES) is their small class sizes. According to US News, the student to teacher ratio is an impressive 13:1 (the state average is 15:1). This allows a focus on student success and is, as one parent reviewer puts it on Great Schools, “very student oriented”.

Around 9/10 of teachers at BFES have 3 or more years teaching experience and reviews on Great Schools mention the large amount of parent involvement. Positive adult influences and role models are essential to academic success in elementary schools and they are no doubt working extremely well at Birmingham Falls.

Summit Hill Elementary

Summit Hill’s GreatSchools summary ratings are as follows:

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Test scores: 10/10 (Above average)
  • Student progress: 4/10 (Below average)
  • Equity: 8/10 (Above average)

Summit Hill students consistently score high on tests – scoring in 76% in English and 73% in math and a high equity rating from Great Schools means students that often go underserved have a higher chance of academic success.

While the student to teacher ratio is higher than the state average (16:1), 87% of them have three or more years of experience in education.

Cogburn Woods

Cogburn Woods’ GreatSchools summary ratings are as follows:

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Test scores: 9/10 (Above average)
  • Student progress: 8/10 (Above average)
  • Equity: 6/10 (Average)

Ranked by Great Schools as a top ten elementary school of Alpharetta, Cogburn Woods Elementary School students also boast impressive test scores. They average scores of around 70% in English and math and 57% in science.

Similarly, student progress continues to improve year-over-year and only half as many students are chronically absent when compared to the state average.

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