Juniper Street – one of Midtown’s main north/south connectors – is about to get a big makeover.

The Complete Street Project will span 12 blocks of Juniper between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue. The project will create a bikeway and improved pedestrian facilities while also ensuring that vehicular traffic moves through at a steady, but calmer, pace. 

According to a report from the Midtown Alliance, the one-mile project includes new wider sidewalks, trees, pedestrian‐scaled LED lighting, trash/recycling receptacles, and a network of stormwater planters that absorb and meter rainwater (thereby reducing demand on City infrastructure). 

Adjacent to the western sidewalk would be a six-to-seven-foot separated bike lane protected by a wide, raised/planted barrier at intersections. The bike lane buffer between intersections will consist of vertical landscape planters, striping, and bollards. Parallel parking within portions of the buffer would provide another layer of protection for those walking or biking. 

The roadway will be repaved and will include two vehicular travel lanes with dedicated turn lanes at key intersections with higher traffic demand. Traffic signals will also be upgraded throughout the corridor.

Work is underway with a 20-month construction period planned, according to Midtown Alliance.

View renderings of each segment of the project:

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