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Now that summer has officially begun, it’s grilling season! And what better way to celebrate with Wylie + Rum’s delicious Easy Three Day Ribs?

At your next barbecue, impress you friends with some of the best ribs in the city. Wylie + Rum’s Caribbean-inspired dishes have impressed Atlantans all over the city, and they’re willing to share their grilling secrets with you.

Try out this tasty recipe and then head on over to Wylie + Rum to try it from the masters.

Wylie + Rum's Easy Three Day Ribs
Wylie + Rum’s Easy Three Day Ribs

Wylie + Rum’s Easy Three Day Ribs Recipe


  • (At least) Two racks Baby Back Ribs
  • 2 Qts of MOJO
  • ½ cup of Badia All Purpose seasoning (or find your favorite)
  • ¼ cup of Jerk seasoning – for BBQ sauce
  • Guava Marmalade – see BBQ sauce recipe below


  1. Remove the membranes. Season thoroughly on both sides by firmly rubbing the Badia seasoning into the meat. 
  2. In a large baking pan, submerge the ribs in Mojo sauce and let sit, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Skip the 24 hrs. if you don’t have the time.
  3. Take the fully submerged Mojo ribs, covered tightly, and bake at 350 degrees for about 3 hours.
  4. Start checking on them after 2 ½ hours. The ribs are done when the meat has shrunk back from the ends of the bones by about 1/2-inch.
  5. Allow the ribs to cool (and divide into portions if you like), wrap tightly in foil and refrigerate -overnight if you have time. By refrigerating the ribs, the meat pulls away from the bones as it expands and creates the most tender ribs you will ever taste!
  6. Be careful to hold them together when you get them out to grill.

BBQ Sauce:

  1. Choose your favorite bbq sauce and thoroughly blend in one part Quava marmalade 4:1 (adjust for your taste)
  2. Add desired amount of Jerk Seasoning to taste.


  1. Take the ribs from the refrigerator and heat them slowly on the grill while still wrapped in foil.
  2. Remember that these ribs are already fully cooked.
  3. Remove the foil and go to town basting with the Guava BBQ sauce. Get a little
    caramelization going before you remove them.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.