West Nancy Creek Bridge has reopened after a year of closure for structural repair. (Courtesy City of Brookhaven)

The West Nancy Creek Road bridge reopened on July 1 after nearly a year of being closed. It serves as a major cut-through from Ashford Dunwoody Road to Johnson Ferry Road.

The bridge was closed in July 2022 after Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) engineers discovered severe structural issues during a routine inspection.

The GDOT inspection revealed spalling, or fragmentation, of a column, and scouring and undermining of the footing of the bridge. Scouring refers to the erosion of soil around a bridge foundation, and undermining is the hollowing action of flowing water. 

Environmental permitting and relocation of utilities extended the length of the project.

Minor work in the area may require temporary lane closures, the city said, but the bridge will remain open.

“I want to thank the residents in all of the neighborhoods along this corridor for being patient and allowing us to install a new, safer bridge for commuters and pedestrians,” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst.

Logan C. Ritchie writes features and covers Brookhaven for Rough Draft Atlanta.