A perfect addition to any summer soiree spread, Flight Club’s Lobster Elote Dip is a must-try recipe at home.

A fan favorite at the Westside “entertainment” destination that boasts social darts with a modern, technology-driven take on the traditional game, Flight Club features elevated eats designed for standing and noshing on in between dart throws along with an impressive selection of beer, wine and signature cocktails.



• 1 Tablespoon Sauté Oil

• 12   Ounces Corn, Roasted  

• 1   Tablespoon Jalapeno, minced, no seeds.  

• 3   Ounces Mayonnaise  

• ½ Lime juice, fresh squeezed  

• 1   Ounce Parmesan, Grated  

• 1   teaspoon  Cilantro, Chopped  

• To Taste  Salt and Pepper  

• 1.5   Ounce Lobster, Poached  

• 2   Ounces Cotija, Crumbled  

• Assorted Flour Tortilla Chips with Tajin


• In a sauté pan, heat the oil, and add corn and jalapeño.

• Heat through and add mayo, lime juice, parmesan, and half the cilantro. thoroughly mix and continue to cook. Careful not to break the mayo. It should be a creamy consistency.

• Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper and transfer to a serving vessel. 

• Place pan back over flame and add lobster meat.

• Top corn with Cotija cheese

• Heat lobster through and pour lobster and juice over the Cotija

• Garnish with the remainder of cilantro.

• Serve tortilla chips on the side. DUST tortillas with tajin prior to serving. 

Flight Club is located at 1055 Howell Mill Rd Suite 140, Atlanta, GA 30318. For more information, visit this link.

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