InnovATL2023 is hosting a number of events across the region from Sept. 26 through Oct. 20.
InnovATL2023 is hosting a number of events across the region from Sept. 26 through Oct. 20. Photo sourced from

The Metro Atlanta Chamber has launched a new brand to help unify Metro Atlanta’s innovation ecosystem. 

“Metro Atlanta is the nexus of innovation,” said Alex Gonzalez, chief innovation and marketing officer of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “We have the highest proportion of Inc. 5000 companies in the country, and the tech sector is just the tip of the iceberg – our incredible strength grows out of the diversity of our founders and industries. InnovATL will undergird the global impact of metro Atlanta’s uniquely inclusive innovation ecosystem.”

The chamber announced the launch of InnovATL on July 31. 

“InnovATL will amplify metro Atlanta’s influence as a global nexus of innovation and create scale for our entrepreneurial, corporate and creative communities,” said Julia Houston, co-chair of the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. “The new InnovATL platform aims to draw national recognition to metro Atlanta’s vibrant innovation ecosystem and unite the changemakers, innovators, founders, creators and companies who call the region home.”

The evergreen brand aims to represent the connection between innovation and metro Atlanta, which includes local colleges and universities, a vital part of the innovation talent pipeline. 

“InnovATL will strengthen the already-significant collaboration between metro Atlanta’s research universities and the private sector, further bolstering Metro Atlanta’s reputation as a global innovation hub,” said Ángel Cabrera, president of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The new branding is being rolled out during InnovATL2023. Formerly known as Atlanta Innovation Week, InnovATL hosts a number of events across the region from Sept. 26 through Oct. 20. 

  • Avant South at Georgia Tech. Avant South will explore artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of creating AI responsibly from professional and individual perspectives
  • Atlanta Design Festival. This week-long event highlights a range of design practices including architecture, marketing and advertising, digital technologies and product design
  • Venture AtlantaL. One of the nation’s largest venture capital conferences, this two-day event brings together companies, technologies and investors

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