The holidays are a wonderful time of year but, unfortunately, they are not always so wonderful for your pup. Whether it’s the 4th of July, Christmas, or Halloween, there are several holiday-specific risks that your dog can get into. Watching them every second is next to impossible, but you can avoid some of the most dangerous situations for your dog during the holidays.

Halloween poses hazards that all dog parents should be aware of before the costumes come out. In this article, we’ll discuss six safety tips for dogs on Halloween. 

Give your pup identification

Trick-or-treating and Halloween parties can be loud and disorienting for a dog. It’s not surprising that Halloween is a big holiday for pets to go missing. The most effective way to tackle this risk is to ensure your dog always wears proper identification, whether that be an ID tag, a microchip, or both. 

An identification tag should contain an address or phone number for his parents. Microchips contain all of a dog’s pertinent information and are placed under the skin. Authorities can read the information on the chip to get him back home.

Give them a quiet, safe space

Another effective way to keep your dog from running away is to give him or her a quiet space of their own. Choose a room that they are comfortable in and that is far enough away from the noise source. Leave their favorite toys or blanket in there for comfort and stimulation. 

Make sure the pet costume is comfortable

18% of Halloween party-goes dress their dogs up, too. While seeing a dog in a costume is fun, it can pose some dangers for the dog. It might be uncomfortable or binding. It might restrict the dog from barking or breathing easily. Many are not flame retardant and can quickly catch fire. When a dog is uncomfortable in a costume, they will panic and they might run away or lash out. 

If you decide to go for a costume, it’s a smart idea to have a dress rehearsal first. It gives your dog a chance to get used to the outfit. Ensure it fits right, is loose and breathable, and doesn’t have painful or itchy material. 

Safeguard the candy

Halloween means lots of candy, and that’s a bad thing for dogs. Xylitol is a sweetener that’s used in many different types of candy and it’s highly toxic to dogs. Even a small amount can cause vomiting, lethargy, loss of coordination, seizure, and even death. 

Beware of chocolate, also. It contains theobromine, a chemical that affects a dog’s heart, gut, kidneys, and central nervous system. Theobromine is mainly found in dark chocolate, although there are small amounts in milk chocolate. Other sweets are harmful to dogs, too. Currants, grapes, raisins, and sultanas are potentially poisonous to dogs. 

Funny West Highland White Terrier dog decorated with photo props sits near orange pumpkins, at home. Preparation for the celebration. Wallet or life. Happy Halloween and autumn concept.

Avoid glowsticks

The bright, glowing colors of glowsticks are a lot of fun on Halloween, and they help us keep up with the kids while they enjoy the mischievous night. They look like fun chew toys to dogs, though, and they can be harmful. 

The goo inside glowsticks that makes them glow is a mix of chemicals that will irritate the lining of your dog’s mouth if he bites into it. They can cause intense drooling, severe stomach pain, and vomiting. 

Opt out of jack-o-lanterns

A grinning face carved into a pumpkin lit by a candle is a staple of Halloween. Unfortunately, it’s also a fire hazard if it isn’t placed high enough that your dog can’t knock it over. Another problem they pose comes after the holiday. If they aren’t disposed of right away, moldy pumpkin toxins could make your dog sick if he or she eats them. 

Even if your dog likes to be a part of the crowd and loves the attention of the costumery, dangers abound. Ensure you provide proper supervision when you’re enjoying the festivities with your dog. It’s also important to keep an eye out for candy and debris stuck in your dog’s fur. You may find you need a few extra baths this month. Being observant will help you both have a great time this Halloween. 

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