A map of Kendrick Road in Brookhaven.

During the Brookhaven City Council Nov. 14 meeting, council members agreed to review the safety of Kendrick Road after a minor pedestrian accident.

A driver using Kendrick Road as a cut-through to Peachtree Road resulted in the accident last week. The city will analyze the potential for a temporary closure on Kendrick past the retail shops that front Peachtree and the residential neighborhood beyond, said City Councilmember Madeleine Simmons. 

“The purpose of the temporary closure is to prevent cut-through traffic on Kendrick, which is a residential street,” Simmons told Rough Draft.

Neighbors are working on a petition to close the road, and business owners are in favor of turning Kendrick into a one-way street or extending parking for nearby shops. 

City Manager Christian SIgman encouraged the city to study rather than close the road. 

“I’m not a traffic engineer, but closing something that close to the road without giving proper notice to the community and the various agencies that would use [Kendrick Road] could create a risky situation,” said Sigman. 

In other action, the city council also voted unanimously to approve:

  • Spending an additional $8,301 with Response Environmental and Site Services on the Shady Valley Road stormwater rehabilitation project to repair a collapsed wall noticed during construction. 
  • Spending $93,515 with Michael Baker International to design a path from Blackburn Park to Harts Mill Road, part of the Ashford Dunwoody Phase II multi-use path plan. 
  • Spending an additional $27,660 with Freese and Nichols on the Nancy Creek streambank restoration project for tree protection and coordination. 
  • Spending $1.5 million with Charles Abbott Associates Inc. to continue permitting and code enforcement services for the city. The contract is being reduced $200,000 from the previous contract to fit Brookhaven’s needs.
  • Spending $2.8 million for Brookhaven Police Department to renew and bundle contracts with Axon for body-worn cameras, digital evidence management, and other critical tools.

The next Brookhaven City Council meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m.

Logan C. Ritchie writes features and covers Brookhaven for Rough Draft Atlanta.