Following the resignation of District 1 Sandy Springs City Councilman David Greenspan, the city’s mayor and council members were asked by the Reporter for their reactions to the resignation. The following are the responses from the mayor and three of the council members:

Mayor Eva Galambos: “Of course we will miss Dave, one of our original founding council members. But he needs to move on with his life, and follow his career opportunities.

One of our lasting memories of Dave on City Council is that he read all the fine print in the long ordinances we were handed early on when there was such a rush to get some laws on the books. Dave was really diligent and questioning each clause.

Dave made it his personal mission to obtain public access to sports facilities of the public schools, when the schools are not using these. With the help of city staff he persevered, and finally in August we signed the first agreement giving access to playing fields at the Sandy Springs Middle School.”

District 2 Councilwoman Dianne Fries: “I will miss Council Member Greenspan. Our districts wrapped around each other so, that we really became close friends while working together on various projects and issues. I wish him all the best on his new endeavors and plan on keeping in touch.”

District 3 Councilwoman Ashley Jenkins: “Dave was a great asset for the city of Sandy Springs. He had vision and insight into financial matters that helped the city craft a Fund Balance Reserve Policy (rainy day fund) that has put us on track to have a reserve of 16%, or 2 months worth of reserves, within 3 years. We are on track to meet that goal as we have already reserved 10%. This will increase our bond rating and borrowing capacity.

His idea to partner with the Fulton County School Board for use of their facilities is another fiscally conservative idea that Dave brought forward. Assuming the FCSB will sign the agreements, this will increase our parks without an outlay of money by the city to purchase more parks.

Personally I will miss Dave and I wish him the best in his new job as CEO.

District 6 Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny: “I thought he handled the announcement timely. In fact as soon as he accepted the offer of employment in Cleveland he let the mayor know and sent in his letter of resignation. This demonstrated to me his commitment to his constituents to let them know as soon as possible as well as good judgment and sound ethics.

David’s greatest contribution was in his service to his constituency. I heard time and time again from folks in that district how accessible he was and willing to listen and act upon their issues. He worked well behind the scenes also, quietly pushing the wheels of government to respond to his constituent’s needs and concerns. I always found him to be fair and open to various viewpoints in a non-theatrical reasoned way. He will be missed.”