Zone 2 Atlanta Police officers arrested several suspects in Buckhead on Friday May 22 for entering and stealing items from autos.

Zone 1 off-duty officer Billy Cartwright, who was working at 3380 Peachtree Road, was alarmed at seeing two males and a female tossing luggage into a trash receptacle. The officer contacted Zone 2 police personnel about the suspicious activity.

Zone 2 officers responded and located a Buick on Peachtree Road that fit the description of the vehicle officer Cartwright had previously seen at the site of the suspicious activity. Zone 2 police stopped the vehicle and their search of the vehicle revealed several purses, six laptop computers, GPS systems, cellular phones, and other bags, which had been taken from 3368 Peachtree Road, 2339 Piedmont Road and 1991 Howell Mill Road.

Zone 2 assistant commander Lt. Khirus E. Williams, said, “Criminals are venturing into the Zone 2 area—as stated by some of them—because they know that stuff is left inside cars here.”

Lt. Williams said 26 individuals have been arrested in Zone 2 since Jan. 1, for entering and taking items from cars. Only five suspects were arrested during the same time period in 2007. “We have had 848 incidents this year and only 476 during the same period of 2007,” he explained. “Even though we are making the arrests, the crimes are still occurring.” He said the courts are releasing the suspects as soon as they are left at the jail.

“To safeguard our citizens, and lower the crime rate, we have to diminish the supply for these menacing individuals and groups,” Williams said. “Please ensure that there are zero items left inside vehicles, whether parked at work, restaurants, shopping centers, places of religion, or at home.”

Williams urged citizens to dial 911 whenever they witness anything suspicious.

–John Schaffner