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It’s that time of year again where it’s out with the old and in with the new – habits that is. This year resolve to break your bad habits and replace them with eco-friendly new ones, like biking instead of driving or eating organically grown local fare instead of fast food.  As you make your list of 2010 resolutions, here are a few tips to help you keep your resolutions and go green in the process:

Go Green All Year Long: They say practice makes perfect, so each month choose one new environmental initiative to “practice.” Start with the basics: in January begin an in-house recycling program, in February become accustomed to bringing reusable bags when you go shopping and in March try to reduce or eliminate plastic water bottles from your daily routine. Introduce a new eco-practice each month and by December you’ll be surprised just how green you’ve become.

Connect with Local Environmental Organizations: There is no shortage of eco-focused organizations in Atlanta, so take the time to find one or two that you are passionate about ( has a list of over 60). Support them throughout the year by giving monetarily, taking the time to volunteer or to spread their message through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. No matter how you give, know it’s the little things you do that help make the bigger difference.

Think Locally, Act Globally: Before you make a purchase – whether online, at the grocery store or at the mall – consider a local alternative. Often a local boutique, farmers’ market or artist has exactly what you’re looking for, without the damaging fossil fuel emissions gained from cross-country transport. Plus, you’ll be supporting our local economy, and that’s a great thing in these crucial times.

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