Sandy Springs Fire Rescue Department has begun a new automatic aid agreement with the City of Roswell Fire Department that will allow both jurisdictions to be more effective and responsive to emergencies.
“The agreement will allow Sandy Springs to post an engine at Roswell’s Fire Station No. 7, Monday through Friday during the day,” explained Chief Jack McElfish. “The anticipated effect will allow residents of District 1, [panhandle area of Sandy Springs] to receive better coverage for fire and EMS responses.”
There will also be opportunity for fire crews to utilize the Roswell Alpharetta Public Safety Training Center, (RAPSTC) for training between jurisdictions.
“Since the city’s inception, we have had a mutual aid agreement with Roswell and we have now determined that an automatic aid agreement will likely be more beneficial to both parties,” said Chief McElfish.
“Automatic aid and mutual aid are vital links that all fire departments must utilize,” the chief added. “This is a step to achieve more efficient and effective response for both Roswell and Sandy Springs.
“Roswell has always been a great partner and we look forward to this new agreement and relationship,” said McElfish. “This will be conducted on a trial basis for a few months and at that point we will re-evaluate and may try a different matrix depending on results.”