Dist. 7 City Councilman Howard Shook was seriously injured early in the week of Jan. 11 when he slipped on pavement in the parking deck under Atlanta City Hall.
Sally Silver, who works in the councilman’s office, said Shook slipped on concrete that had recently been painted and dried to a slippery surface.  When Shook tried to break his fall, he suffered multiple breaks in his wristand multiple breaks in his shoulder.
Silver reported that Shook was successfully operated upon at Piedmont Hospital. He had a plate put in his wrist and a rod was placed in his shoulder to assist the healing process.
Shook attended the June 19 council meeting and participated in council committee meetings the week of Jan. 25.
According to Silver, Shook told people at City Hall, “If you are going to break bones in your body, do it before you are age 15.”